Let Us Be Honest With You

We have seen thousands of carpets in the Reno / Sparks area over the years at Details Carpet Solutions.  Many factors go into how long carpeting will last. 

Vacuuming is the easiest thing you should do 1-2 times per week to remove light to medium loose soil.

Always treat spills right away.

If not sure how to treat spill/stain on your own, call us for free advice, or to have us come out to see what we can do.

All carpeting has a life span, and just because the warranty says 10-15 years, doesn’t mean it’s going to last that long without proper care.

We will have a good idea how carpeting will look after we clean it.  If there will be wear marks and permanent traffic lanes, we will most likely be able to tell you that those will be the trouble areas.   Of course, we get the carpet as clean as possible, but we can’t do much about old worn, out or damaged carpet fibers. 

Other carpet cleaners may shrug their shoulders in certain situations, but as professionals here at Details Carpet Solutions, we will be upfront about what can and can’t be done .

The best thing you can do to help make your carpet last is to vacuum regularly, and have it professionally cleaned twice per year.

Turbo Carpet and Tile Drying Fans


Carpet drying times have always been a top question by customers.  How long will it be before I can go back to normal carpet use? Carpet cleaning drying times have been drastically improved over time.  One very recent development in carpet drying technology is pictured here.  The DRI-POD is a small and powerful carpet and tile drying tool that has revolutionized carpet drying times.  Details Carpet Solutions has begun to use these fans and has had great results.  The room pictured here is an average size room, and it was dry in 25 minutes.  The air is blown from top down, and evenly distributes that warmer air across the surrounding carpet area.  Instead of just one direction like traditional carpet dryers, these cover 360 degrees!

We Use Corner and Door Protectors

When we are cleaning in your home or business, we use specially designed door and corner protectors.  The main purpose for these protectors, are to prevent damage from hoses rubbing up against the door frames and wall corners.  They also help in increasing the cleaning technicians productivity, which means faster cleaning times.  We respect our customers and their homes and businesses, and we believe that clean carpet is just the beginning of our service.

3 Easy Ways to Enjoy Clean, Long Lasting Carpet

Vacuum once per week, traffic areas 2 times per week (most carpeting is made of plastic, which will easily scratch and breakdown when not normally vacuumed) Blot up spills right away (use a white towel or bunch of paper towels, then press hard down on liquid stains to absorb) Use spotting agent if needed Use…