About Us

Details Carpet Solutions in Reno

A Small, Owner/Operator Company You Can Trust!

Why Us? 

We understand the value of having professional work done, especially when it involves your home.   Our name says it all; we are focused on the
details of cleaning your carpets, and use the best equipment and techniques to accomplish the job.

We have certifications from both Bane-Clene, as well as IICRC .  Bane-Clene has perfected the truck-mounted cleaning process over the last 45 years, and we want to show you the difference.   We have brought this perfected carpet cleaning process to Reno, and have had a great response from our customers.

Fantastic cleaning results, fast dry times, safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, friendly and knowledgeable technicians, not to mention an exceptionally quiet system.   When we turn our truck pump and vacuum on, it can barely be heard.  Compare this to a very noisy gasoline or diesel powered combustion system that can be blaring in your neighborhood for several hours, giving off dangerous fumes.

We are constantly adding additional services to better serve our customers, so if you don’t see what you want here, be sure to call and ask!

Our mission at Details is your satisfaction.

Truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, is the most widely accepted form of carpet cleaning.  We have personally researched and tested most other popular forms of carpet cleaning.  All have their pros and cons.  Major carpet manufacturers such as Shaw have supported Hot water extraction as the preferred cleaning method for many years.  In fact, some carpet manufacturers  will only honor their carpet warranties if the carpet is maintained by steam cleaning.

Carpet Protector?

Your carpet is the second biggest investment for your home, right behind the family car.  Carpet protector is always highly recommended to extend the life of your carpet.  We apply Certified DuPont Carpet Protector, which repels liquids as well as dirt.  Dirt is very abrasive, and is the main cause for carpet wear.  Unless high traffic areas are vacuumed daily, unprotected carpet is at a high risk of a short life.  In short, carpet protector will save your carpet, and save your money.
We always offer to apply Carpet Protector after each cleaning.  Pricing runs around a third of the carpet cleaning cost for full protection, or we can give you a custom quote for certain areas you want done.


Why Details?  The name comes from our main focus at every job.  We get the job done with great results, but we also add an extra touch.  Customers are pleasantly surprised when they see furniture and baseboards wiped clean, corners and walls protected from hoses, furniture replaced on protective blocks, and the friendliness of our technicians.  It’s a service level that is above and beyond the cleaning of your carpet.

A family owned and operated business, Details-Carpet Solutions takes pride in each job, every day.